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In addition to the Product safety and product quality Other factors that are becoming increasingly important in society today play a significant role in HAPPY BRANDS' strategic orientation, the selection of products and production sites and the production and logistics of our promotional items: ecological, economic and social.

We act and produce as sustainably, fairly and ethically as possible.

HAPPY BRANDS itself as well as its partners and suppliers will therefore are constantly tested according to environmental, economic and social criteria and are officially certifiedThe certifications vary depending on the product group and origin, but they all confirm our ambitions to act ecologically and fairly and to provide our customers with sustainable and fairly produced advertising materials.

Environmental criteria include bans on environmentally harmful metals, chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. All additives must be biodegradable. In general, environmentally friendly, resource-saving cultivation and production methods should be ensured, in which as little water as possible is used and as little waste as possible is generated.

Social and ethical criteria ensure safe and healthy working conditions, a fair minimum wage and humane working hours. Child labor, forced labor and discrimination are of course expressly prohibited.

In the economic area It is mainly about fair global trade and transparent trade relations. Appropriate and fair prices are paid in the production locations and there is official evidence of the flow of goods and money.

The most important Certificationswho check and confirm these points are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fairtrade Cotton, BSCI, Bureau Veritas and OEKO-TEX®. For more information about the individual organizations and their policies, see “Certificates“.

Even more.
Also the Animal welfare is very important to us. Therefore, we consciously avoid all materials of animal origin, such as real leather, fur or similar.

We try to operate as sustainably as possible, not only at our production sites, which we regularly visit in person.
Our air freight with UPS are carbon neutral, in the printing and shipping areas only recycled products are used, we source Green electricity (Greenpeace Energy) and our couriers travel with electric vehicles or cargo bikes.

We at HAPPY BRANDS are aware of our ecological and social responsibility and do our utmost to act and produce in an environmentally friendly and fair manner. We are still far from reaching the goal of our efforts; it is more of a constant process, a constant optimisation. But the "eco-spirit" is already deep within us and we live it passionately, every day.

And so we try to inspire and motivate our customers to pay more attention and, with that, usually also a little more budget for sustainable, fairly produced variants of promotional gifts and merchandise.

Maybe you too? Our planet – and the acceptance and reaction of your target group – will thank you.
Very well invested additional costs, in our opinion!

Case study 1 _ Organic cotton bag with Fairtrade label

Cotton bag with FAIRTRADE label

Case study 2 _ Organic cotton bag with GOTS label

Jute bag with GOTS label
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