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What are promotional items?

Any everyday product can be turned into a promotional item by printing it with a company logo, advertising motif or desired text, or by adding an advertising logo using another finishing technique. Any existing item can be used as a promotional item. A giveaway is therefore an item that is usually known to everyone, with a real function, but with an advertising message, club name or printed logo. This gives the printed promotional gift an advertising effect and other functions and effects for the advertiser in addition to its actual use. By finishing it, for example by printing a company name, club logo or band logo, an ordinary item can become an important part of a company's marketing mix. The transformation turns it into an effective marketing tool and is used primarily to promote sales, to retain existing business relationships, to acquire new customers, to improve the brand image and to spread a brand message or to increase the awareness of a company logo, an advertising campaign or a new product.

The promotional products sector is an important part of the advertising industry, with several billion euros being invested in promotional items every year. This shows the great importance and strong performance of promotional items as an additional advertising channel.

Promotional items come in many different forms, from cheap to exclusive

Meaning & role of giveaways:

The importance of corporate gifts for brands can vary depending on the project. The use of promotional products can serve to retain or acquire customers. It can improve the company image or strengthen or refresh existing business relationships. Promotional accessories can also be seen as a kind of figurehead for a company. The price is not the deciding factor here, promotional items can also be inexpensive, it is much more important that premium items are chosen according to the goal and have a real benefit for the recipient. You, as the issuer of the non-cash rewards, then benefit from the long-term effectiveness of your new advertising medium. This real function of a corporate gift means real added value for the recipient, which in turn is the reason why incentives, in contrast to classic advertising in print media, radio and television, are still very consciously perceived by your recipients and have proven to be highly accepted. In this way, cleverly placed promotional items manage to anchor themselves positively and long-term in the recipients' minds, which at the same time is directly linked to your business.

Effect of customer gifts:

Many studies, for example from GWW (General Association of the Promotional Products Industry), confirm the positive properties and the strong effect that corporate gifts have on their recipients. In addition to the classic advertising channels such as TV, radio, print media, online and trade fairs, premiums and merchandising have been an integral part of the marketing mix of European advertising planners for decades. Because promotional gifts can be implemented with a much smaller budget than other types of advertising, they are also used much more frequently. This type of advertising and promotion is not only reserved for large global corporations, but can also be used by smaller bands and clubs.

In contrast to traditional advertising, the duration of advertising effectiveness is much longer. According to studies, 75% of mass-produced promotional items are used and displayed intensively for over half a year, and almost 40% of all promotional products are used for more than two years. This represents an extraordinarily long advertising effect. The invested capital is thus recouped many times over.

Customers who receive gifts are happy about promotional rewards, especially if they can be used in everyday life and are perceived as useful. The constant use that comes with this reminds them of the advertising company that is printed on the giveaway each time. This type of tactile advertising has a highly effective effect on the brand image, increases the recall value and level of awareness, and generates sympathy and appreciation for your company.

The recipients of your promotional gifts are happy about the attention, they feel valued, which leads to them feeling emotionally attracted to your brand or your products. This can lead to a greater incentive to buy or a higher recommendation rate. The better the promotional gift is tailored to the target group and the higher the quality, the greater the recipient's joy. And the greater the effect of the connection and opinion about the advertising brand.

Benefits of promotional items:

The specific benefits of corporate gifts and band merchandise are closely linked to the meaning and impact of customer gifts in general. And are as diverse as the variety of promotional rewards themselves. In summary, you as an advertising company benefit from these advantages:

  • Serves to promote sales
  • Can be used to acquire new customers, for example at trade fairs
  • Can be used to reward existing customers, to remind existing business partners, or to retain customers, i.e. to increase customer loyalty. In summary, to build trust
  • The same applies to employees. Employee gifts can be used to give and reward deserving employees. This leads to higher motivation and stronger employee loyalty. Particularly popular on special occasions such as Christmas parties as a Christmas gift, or on company anniversaries
  • Supports campaigns, ideal for product launches or the introduction of a new brand
  • Generates attention for your company, advertising campaign or promotional action
  • Ensures a permanent, highly visible presence of your brand and the public dissemination of your company logo. This increases the awareness and recognition of your brand
  • Helps improve your company image
  • Recipients benefit from helpful, creative promotional items with real functionality. Such premiums are used by many, in public, and over a long period of time, so your brand and advertising message is spread effectively and in the long term
  • Companies, on the other hand, benefit in many ways. In a very inexpensive and affordable way compared to other types of advertising, a high-performance and sustainable dissemination of the brand image or an advertising message can be achieved, as well as a significant increase in the sympathy and appreciation of your company. Due to the everyday suitability of mass advertising media, they represent absolute long-term advertising media with an extremely long lifespan and advertising duration. Overall, promotional items have an excellent price-performance ratio or price-effect ratio.

Advantages of promotional items:

Trade fair items or employee gifts have many advantages for both the recipient and you as the advertising company. In short, promotional items score points primarily because of:

  • Efficiency and precise controllability, ideally perfectly aligned to your target group, thus hardly any wastage. With well-planned trade fair giveaways, a precise, direct and personal approach to your target group is possible. The desired advertising effect can be used more precisely, depending on the project, occasion or available budget, thus ensuring a lot of attention, sympathy and trust in an inexpensive and sustainable way
  • Wide acceptance. People are happy to receive gifts, no matter how small or large. This makes them open to giveaways, even if your advertising or advertising slogan is printed on them
  • Great popularity. Similar to acceptance, the same background here too. Gifts bring joy to people. It doesn't matter whether the recipients of your advertising medium are employees, customers or business partners. Everyone is open and positive about high-quality rewards or packaging inserts. In complete contrast to the effect of classic advertising, such as online banners, TV spots or radio clips. We all experience a media overload of stimuli. As a result, many forms of advertising are no longer consciously perceived by the recipient. They are simply blocked out, filtered, so that the desired advertising effect simply fizzles out. It is different with useful mass advertising products, here you first get attention and then gratitude and a long-lasting interaction with your promotional item or fan article, which leads to a long, positive effect in terms of your brand presence, company awareness and popularity.
  • Giveaways and their applied logo prints, customer logos or advertising texts are always clearly visible, very present and transport your advertising measure both in public and in the private or professional environment of the recipient, depending on the type and location of your event promotion item
  • The higher the actual utility value of your promotional item, the higher the everyday use and functionality of your employee incentive, the more your target group will like it, use it more often and for longer. In addition, the positive characteristics of your advertising medium are transferred to your company image or to the advertising campaign or product you are promoting every time it is used.
  • Trade fair items or direct mailings with high quality and a useful function lead to an extremely long lifespan of your advertising medium. Your advertising message applied to the advertising medium remains present for a long time and impresses with its lasting advertising effect
  • Last but not least, premium items can be touched, felt and used. The haptic factor of on-pack promotions or in-pack promotions is another advantage over traditional forms of advertising such as radio, the Internet or TV. Here, the recipient is only addressed audio-visually. Promotional gifts stimulate other senses through their haptic properties, making them more receptive and accessible to your advertising strategy. And as a result, your product advertising will be remembered longer and more pleasantly.

Having promotional items printed with a company logo, club crest or desired motif is the most important form of individualization. Only the advertising print or company imprint turns normal objects, such as a Functional cap printed with individual logo or a fully printed functional headband into an advertising medium with advertising impact. As a manufacturer of printed giveaways, we only use high-quality finishing and printing techniques. The most well-known are screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer printing, digital printing, textile printing, reactive printing or etching printing. In addition to these printing techniques, we have other finishing techniques available for other types of merch, with other materials and surface structures. Such as engraving or laser engraving, embossing, embroidery or the attachment of labels. With our many years of expertise, we decide which type of advertising and logo attachment is most suitable for you, depending on the giveaway and its material properties, your budget and the planned use. In general, we attach maximum importance to perfect printing results that are precise, colorfast, robust and durable.

We can print your promotional gifts in different ways, or have them embossed or embroidered depending on the item. The company logo, company name or advertising lettering is most commonly printed on the corporate gift. This type of advertising is particularly effective when combined with your company colors, of course everything is colored exactly according to Pantone. This way you get a customized event item with maximum recognition value, with a positive advertising effect, perfectly tailored to your company image or your current advertising campaign.

The types of merchandising you offer are just as varied as the uses for your individually produced customer gifts. Promotional items are most commonly used for:

  • Special occasions such as company celebrations, company anniversaries or Christmas parties, at city festivals, elections or training courses
  • At large mass events such as trade fairs, music festivals, sporting events such as city runs or major events such as European and World Championships, Olympic Games, etc.
  • For compact, inexpensive personalized mailings
  • During sporting activities such as cycling, motorcycling, running, jogging, hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding
  • Generally in all areas of life. In everyday life, as well as in the professional and educational environment and of course in the sports and leisure sector. Promotional items are particularly predestined for use in places and events with high numbers of visitors and visitor frequency. This is where event promotional items show their strengths in terms of attention, acceptance and advertising effect in comparison to inexpensive purchases. The distribution of company gifts to potential new customers and the associated customer acquisition is most effective here.

For our customers, choosing the right incentive is sometimes a bit of a challenge. This is mainly because the selection of promotional accessories is gigantic. At first glance, this can seem confusing and overwhelming. On the other hand, however, it also offers you great freedom to find and distribute the corporate gift that suits your brand or advertising campaign. Our experienced team of promotional product consultants will be on hand to help you make your choice in a competent and friendly manner. We provide you with tips and ideas that arise from our many years of practice and experience in the design and production of individually manufactured and printed promotional materials.

It is nice that even small companies with a small budget can use customer gifts, but the general rule is: the higher the investment, i.e. the more money you spend on a non-cash reward, the more you get out of it. The better, stronger and more positive the desired advertising success is. Compared to very cheap giveaways, more expensive premiums naturally offer higher quality, a more appealing look and usually a greater utility value for the recipient. They are of higher quality and have a greater advertising impact overall.

Nevertheless, the price of a company gift is not important. What is important for you is to determine your desired target group precisely and to meet the tastes of your customers as precisely as possible. It is not automatically the case that an expensive corporate gift will produce better results than a cheap promotional gift. What is important is to use promotional gifts that are relevant to the target group. Your new advertising ambassador must represent your company. If, for example, you present yourself as a company as environmentally conscious, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, promotional items made of materials that are difficult to degrade, such as cheap plastic bags, are not appropriate. On the other hand, ecological, sustainable promotional gifts such as our Organic Fairtrade cotton bags made from GOTS organic cotton The more appropriate the advertising material is to your target group, the more likely and longer it will be used and the longer the subtle advertising or branding of the merchandise products will be effective.

In addition to determining the target group, the value, good workmanship and quality of the corporate gift item, properties such as functionality and high utility value play an immensely important role and lead to a strong advertising effect. The good impression of quality and long durability lead the recipient to draw positive conclusions about your business. The good impression is transferred to the impression of your company and your services or products.

Creativity and originality can also make the difference to your competitors. The more you let us customize your giveaway. Or better, the more unusual your very own idea for a fan article is, the more you will stand out from your competitors' promotional products. This is exactly the area where we at HAPPY BRANDS have been playing to our strengths for over 10 years: in the production of creative, innovative giveaways as completely custom-made and special productions. We are a creative agency that has mastered both areas perfectly: developing, designing and creating on the one hand and producing professionally and with high quality on the other. This makes us your ideal partner for the production of all kinds of unusual company gifts with which you will receive maximum attention from your customers and generate a unique selling point for yourself.

In our product overview you will find a range of tried and tested and popular advertising media. Our selection covers many important areas and depending on the occasion, requirement, planned use and available budget you can find the right mass advertising product for you, which we can print, embroider, emboss or engrave with your advertising slogan, band name or company logo according to your specifications. Our product range extends from inexpensive promotional items such as our Headbands or Key rings with company logo, through extremely popular and successful advertising media such as our Sunglasses in your own design or Hand warmers & pocket warmers with company logo branding, environmentally friendly, sustainable, ecological promotional items such as our Fairtrade shopping bags in your desired Pantone color or FSC® certified wooden toys from responsible forestry, to exclusive promotional gifts, such as our with logo engraved jewelry bracelets, Logo Charms or Bracelets with advertising print .

If you are looking for a specific promotional product, our internal search will help you (click on Magnifying glass symbol top right). If certain features or certificates are important to you, simply use our FILTERHere you can limit the selection of throw items to those that meet your requirements and desired properties, such as price, minimum quantity, target group, intended use or existing certificates.

When you have found your desired promotional item, send us your request with all your requirements in terms of customization and printing of your company name or advertising motif. Determine the size, material and extras of your employee gift. In addition, the desired finishing process, the type of advertising application, the size of the printed logo, the color of your promotional or merchandising item in Pantone. Upload your logo print template and tell us your desired quantity, the latest delivery date and all other requirements, special features and wishes tailored to you. In return, you will immediately receive a tailored offer from our promotional material experts. In addition to the offer, we will be happy to create a visualization / print sketch / artwork / layout / preview for you free of charge, which will help you to visualize your future new advertising medium better. When you place the order, you will receive your customized customer gift made for you after just a few weeks, on time and in perfect quality.

As mentioned before, we are also happy to assist you in the step before that. In the phase of brainstorming, designing and choosing the most suitable promotional accessories for you and your personal project. Through a joint, detailed needs analysis, we find out which employee incentives will achieve the greatest advertising effect, at reasonable investment costs and in line with your company image, your company philosophy, your external presentation and your products and services.

The perfect promotional item for sales promotion with maximum advertising impact and ideal price-performance ratio has or fulfills the following characteristics:

If we do not list your desired advertising material as a standard item in our product overview or if your idea of advertising medium does not yet exist as a implemented corporate gift, then we are also your professional partner for the conception and production of completely new, creative, unusual, innovative company gifts. In addition to direct import, worldwide sourcing, and international procurement of giveaways, we are above all experts in special productions and custom-made, completely individual advertising items. For example, individually made backpack bagsWe have been producing creative, innovative promotional gifts for over 10 years. We do this with great passion. Creating something new, differentiating ourselves from the mass of promotional items and standing out. That motivates us, and that is what we are particularly good at. From the initial idea, through sample production, mass production, quality control, import, storage, packaging, logistics or shipping by express courier, we manage all of these production phases for you. You receive premium full service from us, at any time. Our decades of experience in the production of custom-made promotional items is of benefit to us. Our focus is always on safety and quality. The highest safety and quality standards combined with strong cost efficiency lead to ideal mass promotional items and band merch for your marketing and advertising campaigns. We always focus on the special wishes and specifications of our customers. We value cooperation and respond productively to all suggestions, tips and visions - and implement them.

Custom-made giveaways have many additional advantages and positive effects on your advertising strategy compared to existing types of promotional items. Custom-made promotional items have a maximum level of customization. The design options are virtually unlimited. Of course, this does not only apply to the advertising print, the printing of your advertising or the coloring of your company gift in Pantone's house color. No, you really decide everything here! Your new advertising medium is manufactured entirely according to your personal ideas. Construction properties such as shape, size, material, surface, color, function, extras and so on... - all of this is freely specified by you. Tailored precisely to your target group or to the image and look of your corporate identity, custom-made promotional items have the greatest possible impact on customers and business partners. Compared to "normal" promotional bonuses, distributing individually produced customer gifts, personalized customer presents, leads to significantly more attention from the recipient, to a stronger differentiation and distinction from your competition and the market environment, and to a more lasting, positive memory from the recipient. This can lead to a motivation to take action, such as signing a contract, making a purchase, or recommending your brand, service or product.

We offer you a holistic, personal and reliable service. Our promotional material experts have many years of experience and "live" customer service. The aim is always a pleasant and constructive collaboration on an equal footing. As a customer, you always get a personal contact, your very own customer service representative who will accompany you through your entire project. We are happy to create visualizations, layouts and artworks of your future advertising medium for you in advance, free of charge. Or we can send you samples / sample copies from current productions, also free of charge, which you can use to convince yourself of the impeccable quality of our corporate gift items. Our expert giveaway specialists will give you comprehensive printing advice and recommend the most suitable printing process for applying your desired logo or advertising text to the throwaway item. They will help you choose the right trade fair item, with the design and generally ensure that your order and production process runs smoothly and without complications.

With us you get everything from a single source. New giveaways, best-selling promotional items, custom-made promotional items, direct import of promotional gifts, individual and personal expert advice and competent graphic services. Our overriding goal is the absolute satisfaction of our customers. Do you want to be the next one? We look forward to hearing from you!

In the current Corona situation, many useful and protective promotional items can also be branded with the company name or in an individual company look. First and foremost, of course, as MNS mouth and nose protection, individually manufactured everyday masks with company logo, individually printed hand disinfectant (virucidal, effective against corona viruses), contactless hygiene door opener keychain or the ever popular Tube scarves printed in your own design, worn as mouth and nose protection.

Webshop for hand disinfectants with individually printed labels

In our webshop you will find all available variants of Hand disinfectants printed in corporate look. Choose from different bottle sizes, shapes and extras, such as a spray head, snap hook or silicone fastening strap. Of course always in your own design, printed with your company logo, company name, advertising slogan or advertising motif.
Visit our Hand disinfectant webshop for a simple, fast and convenient ordering at: !

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