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Pocket warmers, hand warmers, gel heating pads – standard models

Pocket warmer in your desired color
Pocket warmer in your desired color
Promotional hand warmer with logo
Corporate gift-handwarmer-with-advertising-print-gel-pack-with-logo
Promotional gift-hand warmer-personalized-heat pad-personalization
Promotional gift-pocket warmer-heat pad-customer gift
Promotional Hand Warmer Gel Pad Custom Design
Promotional hand warmers with logo printed
Have hand warmers printed with your company logo
Hand warmers in your desired color
Promotional heat pads individually printed
Print hand warmers with your own logo
Pocket warmers-hand warmers-in-your-desired-size-individual-size
Promotional gift-pocket warmer-gel cushion-individual production
Gel Pack Giveaway Hand Warmer
Promotional items-pocket warmers-branded-heating pads-branded-branding
Promotional item-heating pad-with-logo-pocket warmer-special production
Gel heat pad company logo labeling
Hand warmer printing
Hand warmer promotional item heart shape
Pocket Warmer Giveaway Round
Gel Heat Pad Promotional Square
Hand Warmer Promotional Gift Rectangular
Hand warmer-special shape-desired shape-manufacturer-pocket warmer
GiveAway-pocket warmer-special shape-gel heat pad-individual special production
Pocket warmer in your desired colorPromotional hand warmer with logoCorporate gift-handwarmer-with-advertising-print-gel-pack-with-logoMerchandise-handwarmers-individually-printedPromotional gift-hand warmer-personalized-heat pad-personalizationPromotional gift-pocket warmer-heat pad-customer giftMerch-pocket-warmer-heat-pad-made-in-your-desired-designPromotional Hand Warmer Gel Pad Custom DesignPromotional-pocket-warmer-heat-pad-in-desired-color-desired-colorPromotional hand warmers with logo printedHave hand warmers printed with your company logoHand warmers in your desired colorPromotional heat pads individually printedMerchandising-heart-handwarmers-printedPrint hand warmers with your own logoPocket warmers-hand warmers-in-your-desired-size-individual-sizeHeatpad-Merch-HandwarmerGiveAway-Gel-Heat-Pad-Printed-Handwarmer-Customer-GiftPromotional gift-pocket warmer-gel cushion-individual productionGel Pack Giveaway Hand WarmerPromotional items-pocket warmers-branded-heating pads-branded-brandingPromotional item-heating pad-with-logo-pocket warmer-special productionHandwarmer-heat-pad-printed-with-advertising-motifGel heat pad company logo labelingHand warmer printingHand warmer promotional item heart shapePocket Warmer Giveaway RoundGel Heat Pad Promotional SquareHand Warmer Promotional Gift RectangularHand warmer-special shape-desired shape-manufacturer-pocket warmerGiveAway-pocket warmer-special shape-gel heat pad-individual special production

Here you will find our selection of standard models and sizes of hand warmers. You can specify the color of the gel according to Pantone. Printed with your company logo, these products are inexpensive and extremely practical giveaways, promotional items and promotional items with a great advertising impact, especially in autumn and winter.

Minimum quantity2,000 pieces
delivery timeStandard approx. 6 weeks,
Economy approx. 12 weeks
PriceDepending on the design and quantity, e.g. from 0.69€ / piece for 5,000 pieces
CertificatesBSCI / ISO / CE / EN71 / FDA / SDB / SGS / 100 % phthalate free
EN71 - Logo

Product description | Pocket warmer

Summer is over, the cold season is coming. Gel heat pads are now an ideal advertising medium. And this applies to both sides: For you as a buyer, event or advertising agency, club or company, because this promotional item is inexpensive, very compact and gives you plenty of printable advertising space for your advertising message. For your customer or recipient of the promotional gift, because it is so practical: Simply bend the small metal plate inside the heat pack, then the gel pad becomes pleasantly warm through crystallization, up to around 50 degrees Celsius and for up to an hour. Practical like a super small and mobile pocket heater or pocket oven. A great companion for autumn and winter, which is guaranteed to be taken along often and for a long time by your customers.

The good thing is: This small promotional gift can be activated not just once, but reused up to 1,000 times. Good for the customer, good for the environment. To make the hot pad usable again, you simply have to place it in almost boiling water for around 10 minutes. As soon as the gel has solidified and is liquid again, this event item hot pack is ready for use again.

Delivery times | Promotional hand warmers with customer logo / motif

Sample production: approx. 1 week
Express: approx. 5-6 weeks after sample approval
Standard: approx. 6-7 weeks after sample approval
Economy: approx. 12-13 weeks after sample approval

Standard shapes & sizes

All our standard shapes cost the same. Whether heart-shaped, star-shaped, circle-shaped, rectangle-shaped or square-shaped, the only difference in price is the size. Choose between the compact, slightly cheaper version and the slightly larger version from the "Big" series, which offers you even more advertising space for your advertising message and the recipient an even longer warm phase.

Hand warmer / Article HW10:

Pocket warmer heart
Heart-shaped hand warmer
Standard shape heart
Size: 7*7cm
Gel heat pad giveaways
Gel heat pad round
Standard shape circle
Size: 7 cm diameter
Hand warmer promotional items
Hand warmer square
Standard shape square
Size: 7*7cm
Hand warmer event items
Rectangular hand warmer
Standard shape rectangle
Size: 8*6cm

Hand warmer "Big" / Article HW20:

Hand warmer promotional item heart shape
Hand warmer "Big" heart shape
Standard shape heart
Size: 9*9cm
Pocket Warmer Giveaway Round
Pocket warmer "Big" round
Standard shape circle
Size: 10 cm diameter
Gel Heat Pad Promotional Square
Gel heat pad "Big" square
Standard shape square
Size: 10*10cm
Hand Warmer Promotional Gift Rectangular
Hand warmer "Big" rectangular
Standard shape rectangle
Size: 10*7cm

In addition to these standard models, we as a manufacturer also produce completely individual custom-made products for you. No matter what your idea or vision is, we help with the conception and implementation - and then produce according to your specifications. Shape, size, color, printing of the logo and pattern, packaging - you can freely influence each of these points. You can find more information and sample images under the category "Individual hand warmers in special shapes“.

Individual special shape / custom-made

In addition to the standard shapes above, we as a manufacturer of hand warmers also produce completely individual special shapes, according to your own specifications. Detailed information on custom-made products and further sample images can be found in the category "Individual hand warmers in special shapes„.

Examples of individual pocket warmers in special shapes / HW30:

Gel heat pad special shape
Gel heat pad special shape
Size: 12*6cm
Hand warmer special shape
Hand warmers in special shape
Size: 12*6cm
Pocket warmer special shape
Hand warmers in your own individual shape
Size: 9.5*10cm
Hand warmer-individual-own-shape
Hand warmers in your own individual shape
Size: 9.5*10cm

Advertising print / labelling / finishing

Using high-quality digital printing, we print your company logo, your advertising message or your desired motif on the hand warmers. It doesn't matter whether it's single-colored or multi-colored. Even CMYK color gradients are possible. Both sides of the item are fully available to you and offer plenty of space for your individual branding.

Examples of gel heat pads with logo / motif as digital print:

Hand warmer printing
Printed hand warmers
with 1C print logo / motif
Hand warmer printed
Printed hand warmers
with 1C print logo / motif
Gel heat pad company logo labeling
Gel heat pad with CMYK digital print motif with color gradients.
Hand warmer logo advertising print
Hand warmers with CMYK digital printing advertising print

The heat packs offer a large area for your advertising print. Both sides of the item can be printed over the entire surface. Simple motifs such as lettering can be printed, as well as detailed motifs with color gradients. The print is high-quality and robust and does not come off even after repeated use. In addition to printing the hot pad itself, individual printing of the packaging, in this case the polybag, is also possible. This gives you even more space for your company logo, desired motif or advertising slogan.

Product safety

As an experienced producer of all kinds of promotional items, HAPPY BRANDS places great value on product safety. Both our production facility and the materials used have been and are tested, assessed and declared safe by internationally operating testing institutes. The trade fair giveaway gel packs are guaranteed to be compliant with the EU market and comply with all legal requirements. Of course 100% phthalate-free, meaning they do not contain any harmful plasticizers. The heat pads come with a CE seal, in EN71 standard, with FDA certification. In addition, our production facility has been tested, complies with social standards according to BSCI and is certified according to ISO9001:2008/ISO13485:2003.


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