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Promotional tattoo / Temporary wet adhesive tattoo

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01-Instant Tattoo Customer Gift
03-Washable tattoo customer gift
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06-Get a club tattoo made
07-Transfer sticker advertising print
11 Tattoo Stickers In-On-Pack Promotion
13-Club Tattoo Manufacturers
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Self-designed and water-soluble peel-off tattoos, fun tattoos and wet tattoos made entirely according to your design template are a fun and extremely inexpensive giveaway, promotional item and advertising material. Ideal for children and at large events.

Minimum quantitySingle tattoos 10,000 pieces,
Tattoo sheets 1,000 pieces
Minimum order volume: €1,000
delivery timeStandard approx. 3-4 weeks
PriceDepending on the design and quantity, e.g. from 0.13€ / piece for 10,000 pieces
CertificatesSuitable for children / European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223 / Skin compatibility dermatologically tested / DIN EN71 / REACH / CE
EN71 - Logo

Product description | Temporary advertising tattoo with logo as advertising material

Your desired motif, product name or company logo as a temporary wet adhesive tattoo as an individual custom-made product. Water tattoos in your own design, fake tattoos designed with your own logo are among the most universal and at the same time cheapest advertising media there is. They are only temporary and easy to remove, i.e. instant or fake tattoos, but they look amazingly real. Applied to the skin, they last for several days and even survive the effects of sweat and water during sport, swimming, bathing or in the shower. The logo tattoos only stick where they have been applied and do not stick to surrounding clothing, so there is no risk of them getting dirty.

Water tattoos as corporate gifts, promotional gifts or merch are universally applicable because they can be used in a variety of ways for your advertising purposes by choosing the format, size and packaging. Starting as small, compact individual tattoos that you can distribute as inexpensive and inexpensive giveaways to large crowds at trade fairs or large events. Or as a creative and smart alternative to the usual tickets or wristbands, whether at cultural events, concerts, clubs and discos, or at your own exclusive company party. Or as on-pack goodie bags at sporting events, such as city marathons or company runs.

You can also make your peel-off advertising tattoos or promotional tattoos a size larger. Not as a single temporary tattoo, but as a whole water tattoo sheet, with many different motifs and lettering. This way, your recipients can choose which motif they would like to put on their skin and thus make your advertising message visible to the outside world. Selecting and combining the individual skin-adhesive tattoo motifs is even more interactive and even more fun! Such advertising tattoo sheets with many small peel-off tattoo elements can be used for advertising in a variety of ways. For example, at music rock festivals, at electro open airs or concerts, with motifs such as band logos, band names or with the product logos of sponsors.

Of course, it is also obvious to use freely designed temporary tattoos at sporting events or in areas with a sporting connection.
Whether as a single water-soluble promo tattoo or fan tattoo in country colors, national colors, as a country flag, national flag or with a club crest at the fan festival or at the public viewing of World Cup European Championship football international matches, World Cup, European Championship or as a skin adhesive tattoo sheet in the stadium or sports hall as an insert in a stadium booklet or program booklet.

Last but not least, the promotional disposable tattoos can also be produced as fully-fledged sales or merchandise products, for example for sports clubs or musical organizers. Assembled in high-quality packaging with a fully printed cardboard hanger, you can sell transfer tattoos at your local merchandising stand, your store or in your online shop, thereby increasing your sales and at the same time strengthening your brand presence in the public eye.

Since this promotional item, peel-off tattoo or fun tattoo, comes into direct contact with the skin of your target group, product safety and freedom from harmful substances are our absolute focus and under constant control by us, as an advertising tattoo manufacturer. Through professional and high-quality production facilities and continuous tests and examinations, we guarantee that you will receive a safe giveaway that you can use for your advertising purposes without hesitation. Our removable skin adhesive tattoos or fan tattoos are safe, tested and certified. They meet the legal requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223, and skin compatibility is dermatologically tested. In addition to certificates and test reports such as BSCI, REACH and FDA, they also meet the EU toy standard, DIN EN71, and are therefore expressly suitable for children.

No matter what advertising use you need this great, extremely inexpensive promotional item for, with us you will receive a safe, high-quality corporate gift at a great price. Competent and friendly advice from the initial idea to delivery to your customer is of course included.
Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Formats & dimensions• Single tattoo in 40*65 mm or in individual desired size
• Tattoo motif sheet in DIN A4, A5, A6 or in individual desired size
ColorAccording to Pantone
Advertising print & surface • Printing of solid colors
• Printing of colors with gradients
• Fluorescent color / motif print that glows in the dark
• Printing in metallic look, e.g. gold, silver or bronze
Maximum logo sizeEntire article area is available as advertising space
Security & Certificates• Suitable for children
• Meets the legal requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223
• Skin compatibility dermatologically tested
• Meets EU standard for toys DIN EN71
Minimum Order Quantity• Single tattoos: 10,000 pieces
• Tattoo sheets: 1,000 pieces
• Minimum order volume: 1,000€

Delivery time | Washable promotional tattoo as a giveaway

Standard: Delivery approx. 3-4 weeks

Format, shapes, sizes & packaging | Removable advertising tattoo in your own design

As a promotional gift manufacturer, we produce company tattoos and promo tattoos in tried and tested and sensible standard sizes and shapes as well as in completely individual special shapes and in the customer's desired size.

Format & shapes:

Basically, we divide our instant tattoo production into two different types: As Single piece / single tattoos and as Tattoo sheets / tattoo motif sheets / tattoo sheets.

Single tattoos as promotional gifts are small and compact - and extremely inexpensive. They are therefore ideal as free throwaway items at trade fairs or events. Tried and tested standard sizes are 40*40 or 50*40 mm. Or of course in your own individual size. Whether square or rectangular basic shape, both offer an ideal base for most logo templates. Also popular are shapes of expressive symbols such as a heart, circle or in a very individual special shape, for example in the form of a mascot, a figure, an animal or a product.

Example of a single tattoo / individual piece:

Advertising Tattoo 1024
Advertising tattoo with your own logo, here as a single piece / single tattoo
Wet adhesive tattoo as a promotional item 1024
Wet adhesive tattoo as a promotional item, here as a single piece

Tattoo Sheets offer space for many different advertising motifs, lettering and slogans due to their larger article surface. This is of course an added value because it offers the recipient more interactivity, freedom of choice and choice and therefore more fun. When designing, you can decide whether the individual motif and logo elements are pre-punched and perforated so that they can be easily removed like stickers, or whether you leave this out, deliberately leave the logos to be cut out and let the recipient grab the scissors. This variant is slightly cheaper. In our experience, however, the fun factor is equally high for both.

The larger tattoo sheets are perfect for use as letter mailings, as inserts or flyer replacements in booklets, magazines, programs or catalogs. Or as in-pack, on-pack promotions or add-ons for other promotional campaigns. Formats popular with our customers are DIN A4, A5, A6 or narrower variants. Of course, you can also have us produce tattoo sheets according to your personal size requirements.

Example of a tattoo motif sheet / tattoo sheet / tattoo sheet:

Temporary Tattoo Giveaway 1024
Temporary tattoo as a giveaway, here as a sheet
Disposable Tattoo Promotional Items 1024
Disposable tattoo as advertising material, here as a sheet
Logo tattoo sheet as giveaway

Advertising print & own design | Water-soluble transfer tattoo as promotional item

Whether it's a company logo, advertising slogan for a new product, club crest or band logo - the entire surface of the Decal-Tattoo customer gift is available for individual advertising design. Since it is a printed finish, there are virtually no limits to your layout template. You have absolute freedom of design for your advertising message and your very own look. Create and design this great promotional accessory in your own design.

You can keep your motif simple and clear, for example by depicting a lettering or a company name in Solid colors. It is best to use high contrast so that you attract the greatest attention from your target audience and achieve the best advertising effect.

However, if your logo or desired motif is more delicate and detailed, this is no problem for the printing used. Motifs and images with a color gradient can be printed. This gives you a particularly three-dimensional and realistic representation, making the removable wet adhesive tattoos look even more like real tattoos.

The third variant of a possible logo print is in the dark or under black light bright, i.e. fluorescent with a "glow in the dark effect". A great and very eye-catching advertising gimmick, especially for use in the nightlife and in the bar, club and disco scene.

The crowning glory and highest quality version of temporary tattoos are so-called Jewelry tattoos or Flash tattoosWe can also produce these individually for you. These products have a deceptively real-looking Metal look, with glitter and glitter effect. Whether gold, silver or bronze color, after application it looks as if you are wearing real jewelry. Metal jewelry tattoos are the new, very popular sales hit in the young fashion world this summer. Mainly female customers equip themselves with such flash tattoos to spice up their outfits. They are then worn mainly on weekends or on vacation, outside, in public. The perfect accessory for open air festivals, parties or for the beach, outdoor pool or beach club in the city.

Example images of individually produced fake tattoos in your own design printed with advertising imprint:

Tattoo stickers as promotional items
Fun tattoos with band logo or band name
Skin tattoo with logo print
Adhesive tattoo with your own motif 1024
Adhesive tattoo with your own motif
Wet adhesive tattoo with club logo printed 1024
Wet adhesive tattoo printed with club logo
Removable club tattoo
Temporary tattoo with club emblem 1024
Temporary tattoo with club crest
Instant tattoo as merchandising
Fake tattoo with club name
Fake tattoo with club name
Fun tattoos with band logo or band name
Fun tattoos with band logo or band name

In addition to these print and surface variants, the packaging and the back of the club tattoos also offer you additional advertising space. In addition to the instructions printed here, there is always enough space for your logo, depending on the artwork.

Example of removable fun tattoo with company name or company logo printed on the back:

Print company logo on water tattoos, here on the back, next to the instructions for use

Printing technology / White printing options | Have fun tattoos printed with company logo, advertising motif or slogan

There are three different variants for the general printing of band tattoos or for the representation of white. In terms of quality and price, all three are equally good and affordable. The only difference between the three is the appearance, both when printed and when stuck on/attached to the skin. Specifically, it is a question of whether the white should be fully opaque or semi-transparent before or after application. The following illustrations show the differences:

1) White option "TRANSPARENT":

  • Tattoo before use / in packaging: All colors, including white, fully opaque and maximum color intensity.
  • Tattoo when used / on skin: All colors, including white, slightly transparent. Skin shines through.

2) White option "WHITE OPAQUE":

  • Tattoo before use / in packaging: All colours, including white, fully opaque and maximum colour intensity
  • Tattoo when used / on the skin: All white areas are fully opaque, all other colors are transparent. The skin underneath shows through slightly.

3) White option "ALL OPAQUE":

  • Tattoo before use / in packaging: All colors, including white, appear slightly pale / desaturated, as if behind frosted glass.
  • Tattoo when used / on the skin: All colors, including white, fully opaque and with maximum color intensity. No transparent areas. Skin does not shine through anywhere.

Which of the techniques is the most suitable for you depends on what you focus on when issuing or selling. Should the skin tattoos look the highest quality and most colorful before they are applied, for example in a sales package? Then the variant "TRANSPARENT" the right decision. Before use, the tattoo stickers look as you designed them, with full colors and maximum contrast. After application, however, the colors do not cover completely, but allow the skin to shine through slightly. Both the white areas and all other colored areas. This is not a disadvantage, but simply a decision option and depends on personal taste. The advantage of such a semi-transparent instant tattoo is, for example, that in combination with the skin underneath it looks more harmonious and real and overall does not look so "stuck on".

If, however, the delivery or handover condition is not so important to you and you instead value the item being most striking and colorful when worn on the skin, then choose the technique “EVERYTHING COVERED”Here, all surfaces, including all white areas, are covered to the maximum and are the brightest. This creates a high-contrast and striking image, but at the same time looks more like a sticker and less like a "real" tattoo. In the packaging, before use, the printed motif or lettering appears milky, as if with a pale shimmer.

“WHITE OPAQUE” is a middle ground. The adhesive tattoo looks full, opaque and color-intensive before use. When applied to the skin, all colors are semi-transparent to the skin, while all white areas are opaque.

Function & Instructions | Promotional wet adhesive tattoo as a giveaway


Logo tattoos or scratch-off tattoos as employee gifts are very easy to apply and remove. They look very similar to real tattoos and last for a few days, even after showering, bathing or swimming. They can be worn anywhere on the skin. Popular (and so your advertising is always clearly visible) are of course on the upper arm, forearm, back of the hand, on the calf, on the chest, back - or, for the really conspicuous, on the face, cheek or forehead.

Advertising tattoo printed with company name 1024
Advertising tattoo printed with company name, here applied to the underside of the forearm
Logo tattoo as a trade fair giveaway, here worn on the back of the hand


How do you apply the wet adhesive tattoo? It's very simple:

  1. Clean and dry the desired skin area
  2. Remove or cut out the desired tattoo motif
  3. Remove protective film on the front
  4. Position the image side on the skin and press
  5. Moisten the back with water, preferably with a sponge or a cloth. Then press for about 30-60 seconds
  6. Carefully remove the back from the skin
  7. Complete!
Disposable tattoo event item instructions 1024
Disposable tattoo as an event item, here example of a printed instruction with company name on the back

How can I remove the wet glue tattoo?

Also very simple: use skin cream, baby oil or alcohol on the affected area. This allows the incentives to be removed quickly and easily.

Where should you not apply a wet glue tattoo?

Do not use on open or irritated skin areas and not in the immediate vicinity of mucous membranes, i.e. not in direct contact with the mouth, nose and eyes.

Material, safety, standards & certificates | Temporary advertising tattoo as a corporate gift

Since this customer gift comes into direct and long-term contact with the skin, quality is very important. With us you get a guaranteed pollutant-free, skin-friendly and harmless advertising material. It meets the legal requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223, as well as the EU standard for toys (DIN EN71) and is also suitable for children (from 3 years). Its harmlessness and skin compatibility have been dermatologically tested. Certificates and current test results for our production facility and the products (BSCI, REACH, FDA, CE) are available and can of course be viewed at any time.

Washable company tattoo in your own design 1024
Washable company tattoo in your own design, guaranteed and certified skin-friendly and harmless to health

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Packaging | Advertising fake tattoo as a promotional gift

The packaging ultimately determines the intended purpose of this popular trade fair giveaway.
As standard and at the best price, we deliver the event items adhesive tattoos or wet tattoos without plastic packaging, bundled in 50 or 100 pieces in an export box. If you would like to hand out the promotional tattoos or tattoo stickers individually, we will pack them individually in a polybag. In a printed polybag on request. This is a good option, for example, as an additional item in a goodie bag for large sporting events such as city runs or city marathons.

By using a high-quality, double-sided and fully printed cardboard hanger, you can significantly increase the value of the entire customer gift transfer sticker and can also offer it in this form as a revenue-generating sales item, merchandise product or fan article. Whether in your local shop, at your merch stand at concerts or musicals or in your online shop.

Examples of packaging options for promotional wet adhesive tattoos:

Have a fan tattoo made, here in packaging with printed cardboard hanger
Transfer Tattoo Giveaway 1024
Transfer tattoo as a promotional gift, here as standard individually in a polybag
Tattoo stickers as merchandise, here in polybag with company logo and instructions on the back


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