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Leather keychain / keychain made of imitation leather

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6-leather keyring promotional items
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Label and personalize your keychain made of high-quality artificial leather with your logo, company name or advertising motif. Individual special production, so size, shape, color (Pantone) according to your personal specifications.

Minimum quantity1,000 pieces
delivery timeStandard approx. 5-6 weeks,
Economy approx. 11-12 weeks
PriceDepending on the design and quantity, e.g. from 0.79€ / piece for 5,000 pieces
CertificatesREACH / Azo dyes free
AZO dyes free - Logo

Product description | Leather keychain with embossed logo

Key rings are a very popular and frequently used advertising medium due to their low cost, compact size and effective advertising function. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. The variants shown were deliberately not made of real leather but of the highest quality artificial leather. This material gives this actually very cheap giveaway a completely different perception, appearance and feel despite the low unit costs. Being made of artificial leather makes it an exclusive premium promotional item that suits you if you want to convey a more upscale image or a more luxurious advertising message. The reason for using artificial leather instead of real leather is obvious: it is no less valuable in terms of quality, both visually and haptically, but it conserves natural resources during production and no animals have to suffer.

You can have us produce your leather keyring completely individually. Each production is a custom-made product for you and your customers. We often offer you selected standard shapes, but we are just as happy to produce your special shape for you. You determine the design, i.e. the shape, size, color and structure of the leather, right down to the type of spiral ring.
We emboss your own logo or motif template, for example your company logo, your company name, a slogan or a product logo, directly into the artificial leather with the highest quality and accuracy. This creates a relief-like image of your logo or motif template on the keyring, your logo is tangible and looks three-dimensional and 3D. There is no better way to implement a customer logo.

The higher quality of the keychain made of high-quality synthetic leather makes the item suitable for a variety of purposes that go beyond simply distributing, giving away or giving away for free to large crowds at trade fairs, festivals, sports or music events. The item can also be used specifically as an exclusive promotional gift or customer gift. Or as a custom-made fan item for sports clubs, music bands, clubs and party event series. Or as a sales item at stands at events, in shops and in online shops of all kinds. Or as full-fledged merchandising. It therefore offers an extremely wide range of uses.

The function of the leather key chain is very universal in terms of the target group. Everyone has keys and at least one key ring. Everyone likes to personalize their key chain with a pendant according to their taste. On the one hand, to make their key chain easier to distinguish from others and to make it easier to recognize and find. On the other hand, it also improves the grip and handling of the key chain. And last but not least, a beautiful key chain should, above all, significantly improve and enhance the appearance of the chain. This is particularly successful with this version made of artificial leather. Because it gives every key chain a classy and high-quality impression. In addition, such artificially produced leather simply feels much better than something made of plastic or rubber.

The target group is huge. It includes everyone with a key. This means children from around 6 years old, teenagers and adults, right up to the oldest generations. They are also unisex, and key rings are worn and used by both men and women.

Another advantage of an attractively designed leather keychain is, in addition to its visual aesthetics and high-quality feel, its extremely long lifespan as an advertising medium and transport medium for your very own advertising message. This is because this product is extremely robust and hard-wearing. After intensive use, the artificial leather may acquire a "used look" or "rough look" that is often explicitly desired, but it will not break even after years of use. And the recipient of this promotional item or merchandise product will also carry it with them for a long time, thus making your advertising message visible to the public for a long time and thereby helping to achieve your desired image goal.

If you have a smaller budget or want to distribute keychains to really large crowds, then take a look at the more cost-effective versions of this advertising medium: Either at Felt keychains or at woven keychains. Also very great and just as popular promotional items. Only cheaper than this beautiful, slightly more elegant artificial leather version.

We are happy to advise you. From the first idea, to the choice of shape, size and material, the implementation of your desired motif and the choice of your packaging. We guarantee a stress-free and worry-free process. You will receive your individual imitation leather keyring with your logo on time and in absolutely flawless top quality. You will be 100% satisfied. Guaranteed!

Dimensions / SizeAccording to customer specifications, in special shape.
Common dimensions would be:
"Narrow" with 2.5 * 8 cm
"Wide" with 4 * 6 cm
"Oval" with 4 * 5.5 cm
Material100% Synthetic leather
ColorDifferent natural colours (e.g. light brown, dark brown, black) or freely according to Pantone
Material StructureSmooth or rough
Logo technology / finishingEmbossing / engraving. Logo motif is embossed / engraved directly into the leather
Maximum logo sizeArticles can be provided with a logo on both sides and almost the entire surface
TrailerClassic key ring / spiral ring or
Strong metal snap hook
Minimum Order Quantity1,000 pieces

Delivery time | Customer gift leather keychain with company logo

Sample production: approx. 5-8 working days
Express: approx. 4 weeks
Standard: 5-6 weeks
Economy (from 5,000 units): 12 weeks

Finishing | Customer gift leather keychain engraved with your own logo

Whether it's a company logo, company name, advertising slogan, lettering, an image, a pattern - we emboss or engrave your logo or motif directly into the leather of your keychain in the highest quality. The embossing/engraving creates a relief-like result in which the individual elements of your design template are either embedded in the leather or raised above the normal height. This makes your logo tangible. And it also looks three-dimensional and three-dimensional.

In addition to the haptic effect of this implementation, different colors support the clarity and visibility of your individual motif.

This type of logo implementation not only looks exclusive and high-quality, it is also extremely robust, hard-wearing and long-lasting. Nothing can be scratched or scraped off. Your logo will remain visible for an almost infinite amount of time.

The following pictures show both the 3D plastic feature and the precision of the logo embossing on leather keychains:

Keyring made of imitation leather with your own logo motif embossed / engraved:

Giveaway Leather Keyring Labeling
Giveaway leather keychains labeled
Customer gift leather keychain with company logo
Customer gift leather keychain with company logo
Merchandise keychain made of imitation leather with logo engraving
Merchandise keychain made of imitation leather with logo engraving
Keyring made of imitation leather embossed or engraved
Keyring made of imitation leather embossed or engraved

Shape & Sizes | Promotional leather keychain with embossed logo

With us you can have the event item leather keychain made in one of our standard shapes as well as in a completely individual shape and size.

The three standard shapes "wide", "narrow" and "oval" are popular. They are the perfect size, meaning they don't look too big on your keychain, but are big enough to give your advertising message the desired presence. Depending on the motif and the nature of your company logo, one shape is more suitable than the other.

The dimensions are:

  • “Narrow” version: 2.3 cm wide x 8.5 cm high x 0.4 cm thick
  • Variant “Wide”: 4 cm wide x 6.5 cm high x 0.4 cm thick
  • “Oval” variant: 4.0 cm wide x 5.5 cm high x 0.4 cm thick

(Measured without spiral ring)

All versions are provided with a fixed or removable tab. In addition, the edges are specially sealed. This gives the promotional leather keychain an even higher quality impression.
Both visually and haptically.

Leather keyring with company logo as standard form "wide" or "narrow" or as special form:

Artificial leather keyring variant "wide" or in individual special shape
Artificial leather keychain variant "wide" or in individual special shape
Keyring made of artificial leather, "narrow" version or as a custom-made product with logo
Keyring made of artificial leather, "narrow" version or as a custom-made product with logo

We would be happy to produce your leather keychain as a custom-made product, completely according to your specifications and wishes. If you already have a concrete idea of how you want to use this trade fair giveaway to advertise something tactilely or to generate the desired attention from your target group, then perfect, then we will implement your idea professionally.

If you only have a vague idea, that's no problem. We'll be happy to take your suggestions and work with you to develop them into a finished and perfectly functioning image and advertising medium. We'll be there to advise you and provide you with expert advice.

You have complete freedom of design: size, shape, material and material surface, color, logo, edges, decorative stitching, type of key ring or carabiner - you design, decide and determine everything according to your own taste.

Pendant | Promotional leather keyring with customer logo

Almost all of our customers choose a classic spiral ring when it comes to pendants. Our version is very strong and sturdy. Even when you attach a large number of keys, it does not bend or slip, so there is no risk of keys coming loose again. We offer spiral rings in diameters of 3.0 cm and 3.5 cm.

Event item leather keychain with classic spiral ring:

Event Item Keyring With Spiral Ring
Event item keyring with spiral ring

You can increase the value of this item even further by attaching a classy carabiner instead of a normal spiral ring. This not only makes an even better visual impression, it also offers the recipient the additional function of being able to quickly and easily attach or remove the pendant to a key chain, belt loop, or wherever they want.

Trade fair giveaway keychain made of imitation leather with elegant carabiner:

Trade Fair Giveaway Keyring With Carabiner
Trade fair giveaway keychain with carabiner


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