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Sweatband Standard 7×8 cm with logo embroidery / embroidery logo

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Classic sweatband made of terry cloth in standard size 7×8 cm with your own logo as embroidery. Sweatband color dyed according to Pantone. Logo, lettering or motif is embroidered directly into the terry cloth. Ideal for combining with embroidered headbands.

Minimum quantity500 pieces
delivery timeStandard approx. 4-6 weeks,
Economy approx. 12 weeks
PriceDepending on the design and quantity, e.g. from 0.85€ / piece for 5,000 pieces
CertificatesBSCI / Azo dyes free / REACH
AZO dyes free - Logo

Product description | Sweatband Standard 7x8 cm embroidered with your own logo

Want to have sweatbands embroidered with your own logo? HAPPY BRANDS is the market leader in this field with 15 years of experience. A custom terry cloth sweatband in standard size 7×8 cm embroidered with your own logo is an excellent advertising medium with a wide range of possible uses. Whether you want to give such wristbands away as free trade fair giveaways or promotional items at sports and running events (city marathons, company runs, etc.) to participants or visitors, or you want to use these sweatbands as sales items, for example as merchandise items at music festivals, at concerts, on band tours, at musicals or performances and, last but not least, online, in online shops or fan shops of sports clubs or music bands as fan articles or merchandising products - terry cloth wristbands are ideal and can be used flexibly.

Their advantage over other "disposable" promotional items is primarily that they have a real use and function for the recipient. The wearer can use this promotional gift properly during all sporting activities. For example, to wipe sweat from the forehead or in the gym to prevent sweat from running from the arm onto the palms of the hands when exercising. If they like the look or fit particularly well, the promotional item recipients will wear the sweatbands for exactly this reason: because they look cool!

In addition to the function and the timeless cult status of this giveaway, the factors of cost and size/weight also make it an advantage. Very cheap, but at the same time very high quality due to the almost exclusively cotton material and the quality of the advertising. In this case, everything you want is embroidered directly into the wrist warmers. Whether it's a company name, customer logo, slogans, pictures or other motifs, the visibility of your advertising message is always guaranteed by wearing it on the arm. With us, you can have your sweatband embroidered however and with whatever you want.

With dimensions of 7×8 cm and a weight of only about 20 g, this event item is also ideal for use in mailings. It fits in a normal envelope and can be sent by post with the cheapest postage or postage for letters or goods. If that is too small for you and weight is not an issue, our 12×8 cm Kingsize sweatbands embroidered with logo the right thing.

As you can see, it's a real promotional item - multi-talented! Affordable, with real functionality for the recipient and all imaginable uses.

We enable you to embroider sweatbands with your own motif from as little as 500 pieces, completely customized according to your specifications in your desired design and color. You determine the dimensions, color according to Pantone, texture, extras and the embroidery of the logo. Of course, we can produce sweatbands for you in specific country colors, for example in Germany colors or in the flag colors of Austria, Switzerland, Holland or any other nation or club color. You can benefit from our many years of expertise. We have been the provider of individually designed sweatbands embroidered with your own logo for over 15 years now. This means that we can advise you in the best possible way and supply the highest and long-standing quality goods. And all this at guaranteed low prices, with a best price guarantee!

We look forward to your inquiry!

Sizes & DimensionsStandard size 7x8 cm
Other sizes and individual production in desired size possible
More information under the "Sizes" tab
MaterialSuper terry cloth, 80% cotton / 12% elastane / 8% nylon
ColorPantone according to customer specifications
Logo technologyEmbroidery / embroidery / logo is embroidered directly into the terry cloth material
Maximum logo size6x6cm
Certificates & Product SafetyBSCI / Azo dyes free / REACH
Minimum Order Quantity500 pieces

Delivery times | Trade fair giveaway sweatband standard 7x8 cm embroidered with logo

Below you can see our delivery options and delivery times:

Sweatband with logo embroidery:

Sample production: 1-3 working days
Express: approx. 3-4 weeks
Standard: 4-6 weeks
Economy (from 2,500 pieces): 11-12 weeks

Sweatband 7x8 cm blank (without logo):

1-2 workdays

Logo techniques & finishing | Giveaways: embroider sweatbands with your own logo motif

As a manufacturer of sweatbands, we offer you all kinds of finishing techniques that you can use to apply your own company logo, club crest, band name or very individual advertising message to the promotional sweatband. The logo techniques differ from one another in terms of appearance and feel. Depending on your logo template or your motif design, one or the other finishing type is more suitable. We are available to help you make the assessment and are happy to give you our recommendation. But all logo variants have one thing in common: the result of each of these finishing processes is very high quality, they all look great and feel very good. They are also very robust and durable.

With this sweatband variant, the standard sweatband in the size 7×8 cm with embroidery, your logo is embroidered directly into the terry cloth material.
Further details on this finishing option and all other logo techniques can be found below:



Embroidering your individual logo into the sweatband is the classic and best-known finishing method. At the same time, embroidery is also the cheapest logo technique for quantities of up to 2,500 pieces. Your motif template is embroidered directly and seamlessly into the sweatband. An additional label as a background is not necessary. This means that the logo embroidery blends in nicely with the surrounding terry cloth material and therefore looks very harmonious and generally very high-quality. Embroidered logos are also extremely robust and durable.

Unlike local embroiderers in Germany or Europe, who subsequently refine sweatbands, we only embroider through the outer of two layers of the sweatband during production. The back of the embroidery on the shit bracelets we produce has no contact with the wearer's skin, so the comfortable feel is not affected in any way by the refinement.

However, this finishing option has its limits when the logo is too delicate or the font is too small and cannot be used for motifs and fonts larger than certain sizes. In these cases, however, our alternative logo techniques are available to you. You can find further information and links to these finishing processes a little further down.

Below you can see examples of production samples of sweatbands with embroidered logo motifs:

Sweatbands as promotional items
Sweatbands as promotional items
Sweatband Embroidery
Embroider sweatband
Sweatband embroidery
Embroidering sweatbands
Wristband Embroidery
Embroider wristband
Terry cloth bracelet embroidery
Embroider a terry cloth bracelet
Terry cloth bracelet embroidery
Embroidering terry cloth bracelets
Embroidering wrist warmers
Embroidering wrist warmers
Sweatband Embroidery
Have sweatband embroidered
Have sweatbands embroidered
Have sweatbands embroidered
Individual sweatbands
Individual sweatbands
Sweatband promotional items
Sweatband promotional items
Sweatband customer gift
Sweatband customer gift
Sweatband embroidery
Sweatband embroidery
Sweatband Embroidered
Sweatband embroidered
Sweatband Logo Embroidery
Sweatband logo embroidery
Sweatband Embroidery
Embroider sweatband
Sweatband Custom Logo Embroidery
Sweatband embroider your own logo

In addition to the classic embroidery technique, we offer other finishing techniques with which we can put your advertising message on the wristband:


Sweatband with your own logo as 3D print

Innovative logo technology in which a soft foam label with a relief-like structure and real heights and depths is created and then fixed tear-resistant to the sweatband. With this finishing, the most delicate motif templates and the smallest lettering can be implemented 1:1. Even color gradients can be displayed here. The nature of the label creates a visible and tangible 3D effect. This not only looks very three-dimensional, but also feels very interesting.

For more information and sample images, please click here:


With this finishing process, your motif or slogan is first finely woven into a label, a type of patch, then fixed onto the wristband and, if necessary, surrounded with an embroidered frame. This logo technique also allows you to create very delicate logo templates that cannot be used with the embroidery technique on the flexible sweatband material.

For more information and sample images, please click here:

Wristband with your own logo as a screen-printed label

Similar to the woven label logo technique, a patch is first produced. However, instead of weaving in the motif template, it is printed. This enables a clean and precise implementation of even more delicate, more detailed logo templates, smaller fonts and color gradients.

For more information and sample images, please click here:

Sizes | Sweatbands with embroidered logo

You have complete freedom of choice when it comes to the size of your wrist warmers.

Either you tell us your desired dimensions and we implement them and produce according to your personal specifications.

Or you can choose from tried and tested standard sizes. There is a suitable version for every occasion and purpose. Whether for adults, for children, whether in standard size, the larger king size version or in the extra large XXL format Super Size.

DEFAULT* 7*8cm 6*6cm
SLIM 3*8cm 2*6cm
MID-SIZE 10*8cm 9*6cm
KING SIZE 12*8cm 11*6cm
SUPER SIZE 20*10cm 19*cm
4KIDS* 6.5*6.5cm 5*5cm
YOUR DESIRED SIZE According to instructions Depending on size

* The sizes marked with * above, STANDARD and 4KIDS, with the dimensions 7*8 cm and 6.5*6.5 cm respectively, also fit perfectly on Brake fluid reservoirs of motorcycles and are therefore a popular promotional gift or merchandise product for motorcycle clubs, motorcycle forums, fan clubs and motorcycle dealerships for Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles, for example. The size of the cover for the brake fluid reservoir can of course be tailored exactly to the manufacturer and therefore manufactured to fit you perfectly.

Material | Embroidered sweatband

We offer our promotional sweat wristbands in three different materials: super terry cloth, flat fabric and jacquard. All three material variants consist of a very high cotton content (80%) and are highly elastic and flexible. This means that they can be worn comfortably on both slim women's wrists and strong athletes' wrists, making them unisex.

80% Cotton / 12% Spandex / 8 % Nylon
The classic and at the same time most popular and sporty material version. Very fluffy, rich super terry cloth with maximum absorbency. Often chosen by sports clubs, fitness studios and music bands - and ideal for use at sporting events.

80% Cotton / 20% Elastane
Flat and close-fitting at the wrist, making it more discreet than the terry cloth version. Can therefore also be worn outside of sports. Most frequently chosen by our Sweatbands “Tresor” with zip pocketFurther advantages of this material variant: It is the cheapest in terms of price and allows advertising to be applied using the cheapest finishing technique, the Thermal transfer printing.

80% Cotton / 20% Elastane
In terms of the thickness of the material, the jacquard variant lies exactly between terry cloth and fabric.
The advantage of this material: your individual logo motifs or fonts can be woven directly into the sweatband material. The same goes for eye-catching patterns that extend across the entire sweatband and thus appear even more visually present.

Not with us ;)

Packaging | Sweatbands with embroidered logo

Of course, you also have a free choice when it comes to the type of packaging.
As a rule, the terry cloth wristbands are first pulled onto cardboard and delivered individually in a transparent polybag.
The most common standard packaging variants are:







Set of sweatbands and headband on double-sided and fully printed cardboard carrier in special shape
Sweatband mounted on fully printed cardboard, resting on a large insert / flyer that is also fully printed on both sides


In addition to standard packaging, as a sweatband producer we also offer completely individual packaging designs.
We will then deliver in your desired packaging according to your specifications.
For example, as an unusual on-pack for use in on- or in-pack promotions, for attachment to or on bottles, beverage crates or other sales items.


Send us your non-binding price request using this form and you will receive your individual offer with all conditions within one working day.
If you have any further questions or would like to send us a message without filling out the form, you can alternatively send an email to send.

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