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Multifunctional scarf / tube scarf as promotional item

01a-Multifunctional scarf
01a-Multifunctional scarf
02a-Multifunctional scarf
02b-Multifunctional scarf with logo
03a-Tube scarf
04a-Tube scarf
05a-Multi scarf
09a-Multifunctional scarf reflector
09b-Tube scarf reflector
10a-Multifunctional scarf-reflective
10b-Tube scarf-reflective
11a multifunctional fleece
11b-Tube Cloth-Fleeche
12a winter multifunctional fleece
12b winter tube fleece
13a winter tube scarf fleece
13b-Winter multifunctional scarf fleece
14-Multifunctional cloth cardboard hanger
16a-Tube scarf
16b-Multifunctional scarf-promotional item
17a-Tube Scarf GiveAway
17b-Multifunctional scarf-advertising material
18a Multi Scarf Giveaway
18b-Multi-cloth giveaway
18c multifunctional cloth printing
19c-multifunctional scarf-printing
20c multifunctional cloth merchandising
01a-Multifunctional scarf01b-Multifunctional-scarf-with-logo02a-Multifunctional scarf02b-Multifunctional scarf with logo03a-Tube scarf03b-tube-scarf-with-logo04a-Tube scarf04b-tube-scarf-with-logo05a-Multi scarf05b-Multi-scarf-with-logo06a-Multi-cloth06b-Multi-towel-with-logo07a-Scarf07b-scarf-with-logo08a-Multifunctional-cloth-with-reflective-stripes08b-Tube-scarf-with-reflective-stripes09a-Multifunctional scarf reflector09b-Tube scarf reflector10a-Multifunctional scarf-reflective10b-Tube scarf-reflective11a multifunctional fleece11b-Tube Cloth-Fleeche12a winter multifunctional fleece12b winter tube fleece13a winter tube scarf fleece13b-Winter multifunctional scarf fleece14-Multifunctional cloth cardboard hanger15a-Headscarf15b-Neckwarmer16a-Tube scarf16b-Multifunctional scarf-promotional item17a-Tube Scarf GiveAway17b-Multifunctional scarf-advertising material18a Multi Scarf Giveaway18b-Multi-cloth giveaway18c multifunctional cloth printing19a-tube-scarf-printing19b-tube-scarf-printing19c-multifunctional scarf-printing20a-Multischal-printing20b-multi-cloth-printing20c multifunctional cloth merchandising

Have multifunctional scarves, tube scarves and loop scarves produced in your own design as a completely custom-made product. Tube scarves printed using all-over sublimation printing or dyed in the desired Pantone color. Branding, advertising, advertising motifs, company logos or advertising slogans can be printed over the entire surface and without borders. Can also be used as a face mask.

Minimum quantity500 pieces
delivery timeStandard approx. 5-6 weeks,
Economy approx. 10-12 weeks
CertificatesOEKO-TEX® Standard 100 / BSCI / 100% Azo-free

Product description | Multifunctional scarf / tube scarf with logo / motif

Promotional multifunctional scarves have almost as many names as they have functions or wearing options:
They are called tube scarves, tube shawls, multi-scarves, multi-functional scarves or multi-functional bandanas, neck warmers, loop scarves or loop shawls, tube scarves and tube shawls - they can be worn and used as a scarf, headscarf, hat, currently also ideal as a sporty, textile face mask or mouth-nose protection or face mask, or as a hood scarf, bandana, hair band, headband, wrist band or or or...
And that applies both in summer and winter. In summer, this giveaway can be used for all outdoor activities such as running, jogging, hiking or biking. In winter, these multifunctional giveaways are ideal as protection against the cold and wind when skiing or snowboarding. Or in the gym. Or at music festivals. And here again: Or or or...

The custom-made multifunctional scarf promotional item is probably one of the most varied advertising media, promotional items and merchandising products in our production range. Use your individual loop scarf as a free giveaway or promotional item, as a fan article, as a customer gift or sell the item as merchandise in your online shop or stand. Tube scarves have an excellent price-performance ratio due to their high functionality and benefits, both in terms of the use of the multifunctional scarf and the options for printing your logo or motif on the neck warmer, compared to the extremely low cost. Not least for this reason, the tube scarf product is one of our absolute bestsellers among advertising materials. As a multifunctional scarf manufacturer from the very beginning, we offer you the opportunity to design your own individual copy and have us produce it in your own desired design.

The multifunctional scarves are made of elastic, breathable microfiber. This makes them very light and comfortable to wear. On request, we can turn 'normal' multifunctional scarves into reflective tube scarves and equip them with additional reflectors, reflective strips or reflective logo or motif elements. This makes you much more visible in poor lighting conditions and therefore much safer when running or cycling in the evening. Another variant of the multi-scarf promotional gift is provided with an insert or the entire inside made of the highest quality, super soft polar fleece.

Design your tube scarf according to your wishes! Do you want to print your company logo or customer logo on the scarves and headscarves? Do you want a multifunctional scarf in your own design, with your motif? Do you want your multifunctional scarves dyed in your desired Pantone color? No problem. Multifunctional scarves can be excellently and cost-effectively refined and printed in your own design. No matter which logo or motif you give us, no matter how delicate, no matter how small the lettering or slogans are, no matter which Pantone color is your house color: Thanks to the sublimation printing we use, we can implement your design and motif templates 1:1. Even photorealistic motifs and images or reflective advertising can be easily printed on the tube scarves.

The standard size of the items is 25*49 cm. The items are extremely flexible, unisex and can be worn by adult women and men, teenagers and children. Would you like your tube scarves in a different size? No problem here either. We are happy to produce the multi-scarves completely according to your specifications. And we can do this from a minimum order quantity of just 500 pieces.

Product safety is our top priority. For this reason, we place very high demands on our production facilities and the materials used in production. We have these tested by internationally recognized institutes. Specifically, this article has a OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate (SHGO 105026 TESTEX) for the material and a positive BSCI Audit Summary Report for the production facility. This means that you not only receive a very affordable and very versatile promotional gift from us, but also a guaranteed promotional product that is free of harmful substances and manufactured under fair conditions.

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to have us produce your personal, completely individual multi-towels as a custom-made product.
We would be happy to advise you personally and assist you with our many years of production experience. We look forward to your contact request!

Delivery times | Multifunctional scarf / tube scarf with logo / motif

Sample production: approx. 5 working days
Express: 4 weeks
Standard: 4-6 weeks
Economy (from 5,000 pieces): 10-12 weeks

Product data | Tube scarf printed with advertising Loop scarf with company logo

Dimensionsapprox. 25 x 49 cm or according to customer requirements
Material100% Microfiber
ColorPantone according to customer specifications, also multi-coloured
Logo technology / finishingFull-surface sublimation printing / gravure printing in fabric / also photorealistic
Optionally with reflective stripes, lettering or logo / motif elements
Maximum logo sizeFull-surface, approx. 25 x 49 cm
CertificatesOEKO-TEX® Standard 100, BSCI
Minimum Order Quantity500 pieces

Variants | Multifunctional scarf / tube scarf

We are an experienced tube scarf supplier and the expert in the production of individual multifunctional scarves as advertising material or merchandise items. In addition to the conventional and tried and tested version, we also offer other variants:

Tube scarf printed in full-colour design and with colour gradients:

Multifunctional scarf
Multifunctional scarf
Tube scarf
Tube scarf
Tube scarf
Tube scarf
Multifunctional scarf
Multifunctional scarf
Multi scarf
Multi scarf
Neck warmer
Neck warmer
Tube scarf
Tube scarf
Multifunctional scarf printing
Print multifunctional scarf
Printing tube scarf
Print tube scarf

Tube scarf printed with photorealistic motif pattern:

Multifunctional Scarf With Logo
Multifunctional scarf with logo
Tube Scarf With Logo
Tube scarf with logo
Multifunctional scarf promotional items
Multifunctional scarf promotional items
Tube scarf promotional items
Tube scarf promotional items
Multifunctional scarf promotional items
Multifunctional scarf promotional items
Tube Scarf Merchandise
Tube Scarf Merchandise
Multifunctional Scarf Giveaway
Multifunctional Scarf Giveaway
Tube Scarf Giveaway
Tube Scarf Giveaway

Reflective multifunctional scarf with reflective stripes or reflective logo elements:

Reflective multifunctional scarf with reflective stripes
Reflective multifunctional scarf with reflective stripes
Reflective tube scarf with reflective stripes
with reflector strips
Reflective tube scarf with reflective stripes
Reflective tube scarf with reflective stripes
Reflective multifunctional scarf with reflective stripes
Reflective multifunctional scarf with reflective stripes
Multifunctional Scarf Reflective
Multifunctional scarf reflective
Reflective tube scarf
Reflective tube scarf

Warming multifunctional scarf with polar fleece insert and own logo:

Winter Multi-Scarf With Fleece
Winter multi-scarf with fleece
Winter Multi Scarf With Fleece
Winter multi scarf with fleece
Winter Neckwarmer With Fleece
Winter neck warmer with fleece

Warm winter tube scarf with polar fleece lining and custom design:

Multifunctional cloths with fleece
Multifunctional cloths with fleece
Tube Scarf With Fleece
Tube scarf with fleece
Winter tube scarf with fleece
Winter tube scarf with fleece

Another variant as a purely functional headband:

You can also order this article in a smaller size, as a headband only. More information about such Microfiber functional headbands do you think ...? Find here.

Another variant as a protective mask / fabric mask / Corona giveaway:

Other variants as pure headgear / functional hat / hood:

Or, covering the head completely, our new lightweight running beanies made of elastane (similar to Lycra®) and our something thicker, double-layered winter sports hats made of micro fleece materialLike our promotional tube scarves, both models are fully printed with your own desired design using sublimation / all-over print.

Printing technology sublimation printing | Printing multifunctional scarf / tube scarf

Have tube scarves printed, design multi-purpose scarves yourself, brand them in your own individual design? Color them in your company color, exactly according to Pantone and thus make them an unmistakable giveaway? No problem! With sublimation printing / gravure printing directly into the fabric, any pattern or logo template can be implemented. Even the most delicate photorealistic motifs can be printed into the microfiber material of our multifunctional scarves, as can be seen in these sample images:

Multifunctional scarf with sublimation print
Multifunctional scarf with sublimation print
Tube Scarf In Your Own Design
Tube scarf in your own design
Tube Scarf Printed With Sublimation Printing
Tube scarf printed with sublimation printing
Multi-scarf fully printed with your own motif
Multi scarf fully printed with your own motif
Multi-Towel Printed With Individual Motif
Multi-towel printed with individual motif
Loop scarf multifunctional bandana with photorealistic print
Loop scarf multifunctional bandana with photorealistic print

Functionality & wearing options | Round scarf / loop scarves printed with logo

Our loop scarves are not only great for printing with advertising, company logos or advertising motifs, but can also be used in many different ways. This is what makes this best-selling promotional item so popular and useful, both with our advertising customers and with its intended target group. The recipients of your promotional multifunctional scarf will wear it for a long time and very prominently in public (at eye level), thus effectively displaying your advertising message or brand design. This promotional item can score points with its great flexibility, especially during sporting activities.

You can see an overview of the most important ways of wearing multi-scarves here:

Giveaway multifunctional scarf tube scarf wearing options
Overview of the most important ways of wearing individually printed tube scarves, multifunctional scarves, loop scarves with logo

In addition to these uses, especially for outdoor sports, tube scarves also provide a Sustainable, washable and reusable mouth and nose protection / face mask Both during sport and in everyday life, you can protect yourself and those around you by wearing the loop scarf over your mouth and nose. A tube scarf is very pleasant and comfortable to wear and its high breathability means that it is not difficult to wear for longer periods. More information about this wearing option from Round scarves as protective masks or face masks do you think ...? Find here.

"Right one" Cotton face masks or microfiber, we also offer. With us you can get reusable fabric masks printed with logo as a complete individual custom-made product. We produce washable mouth and nose protection masks according to your specifications, in your desired Pantone color, in your personalized design and branding. Details and sample images of this Promotional fabric mask with company logo do you think ...? Find here.

Size & Material | Multifunctional scarf / tube scarf

The standard dimensions of our tube towels are approximately 25 x 49 cm. The highly elastic microfiber material means that it fits everyone, from adults to teenagers and children.

Of course, we can also change the dimensions. Whether larger or smaller, you tell us the size you want and we will make it happen. Exactly how you want it.

The multifunctional scarves are made of 100% microfiber.
This material is highly elastic and breathable. It has an insulating effect (against both heat and cold), protects against the wind, protects against direct sunlight, thus offering UV protection and can absorb sweat. As the name suggests: a real all-rounder.

Optionally, we can also make your multi-scarves from original Thermo Lite® material. Your tube scarves will then have a corresponding hangtag attached, which further reinforces the quality impression.

Multifunctional scarf made of Thermo Lite® material
Multifunctional tube scarf made of Thermo Lite® material

As a long-standing and experienced multifunctional scarf supplier and tube scarf manufacturer, product safety is of great importance to HAPPY BRANDS. That is why we have very high demands on our manufacturing plants and the material used for production. We have this tested by internationally recognized institutes. For this article, this is certified by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate (SHGO 105026 TESTEX) regarding the material and the positive BSCI Audit Summary Report relating to the manufacturing facility.

A note regarding the brand manufacturer of multifunctional scarves HAD:
HAD® sells branded products. We expressly do not sell or produce original HAD products, but instead manufacture our own almost identical multi-cloths made of similar material and with similar product properties.

The quality, the functionality, the printability, the durability - comparable to the branded products. The only difference between our manufactured tubular bands and the branded products is the price. You can get them up to 80% cheaper! And all of this in your desired design, according to your specifications.

Similar to the article Multifunctional Scarf is our slightly smaller Functional headband.
If you are looking for a pure microfiber headband, then you will find here Further information.

Also made of microfiber or micro fleece, but covering the entire head, are our new Winter sports beaniesHere you can also use the great advantages of the functional material microfiber (light, thin, very breathable, sweat-absorbent, quick-drying) on your head. Ideal for all types of winter sports or other outdoor activities in cold temperatures.

Even lighter and more breathable are our new Running hatsThese are made from a Lycra®-like material (100% elastane) and are ideal for sporting use in spring, summer and autumn, in cool to mild temperatures. Both versions can be fully printed with your individual all-over motif, via sublimation printing.

Packaging | Multifunctional scarf / tube scarf

Of course, you also have a free choice when it comes to packaging. We offer the following packaging options:

Printed polybag

We most often deliver multifunctional cloths in a printed polybag. This contains the material composition, washing instructions and the most common ways of wearing them.

Tube Scarf In Individually Printed Polybag
Tube scarf with your own logo
Multi-cloth packaging with printed instructions for use
Multifunctional scarf in your own design

Polybag with printed insert / flyer

If you wish, we can include a fully printed insert or flyer with the polybags. This gives you plenty of space for additional information about your product or company, or you can use the advertising space for special offers or other promotions.

Multifunctional scarf as a promotional gift
Multifunctional scarf as a promotional gift
Tube scarf as a giveaway
Tube scarf as a giveaway

Printed cardboard carrier

The most exclusive packaging option is to stretch the tube towels onto an individual cardboard carrier. You determine the overall shape and size and can have both sides printed on the entire surface, even photorealistically.

42-Multifunctional Cloth Merchandising
Multifunctional Scarf Merchandising
43-Tube Scarf Promotional Items
Tube scarf promotional item
44-Multifunctional scarf-customer gift
Multifunctional scarf customer gift
Multifunctional Scarf With Individual Packaging
Tube scarf as a fan article
Multifunctional scarf on cardboard carrier in your own design
Multifunctional scarf as promotional item


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