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Tube scarves as textile, sustainable face mask / face mask

Tube scarf-face mask-multifunctional scarf
Tube scarf-face mask-multifunctional scarf
Tube scarf-face mask-tube scarf
Tube scarf-face mask-multifunctional scarfTube scarf-face mask-tube scarf

Tube scarves printed with your own logo, tube scarves in your own design are a reusable, and therefore sustainable, alternative to the currently necessary mouth and nose protection, face masks and respiratory masks. The multifunctional scarves are made of microfiber, making them very elastic and breathable. As a reusable face mask, they can be worn in one or two layers.

Minimum quantity500 pieces
delivery timeStandard approx. 5-6 weeks,
Economy approx. 12 weeks
PriceDepending on the design and quantity, e.g. from 0.67€ / piece for 5,000 pieces
CertificatesOEKO-TEX / BSCI / REACH / Azo dyes free
AZO dyes free - Logo

Product description | Tube scarf as textile mouth-nose protection mask

Multifunctional scarves are one of the most popular promotional items and giveaways. There are three reasons for this:
Tube scarves can be printed and produced very cheaply. Multifunctional scarves can be printed with your own design over the entire surface. And tube scarves are multifunctional. Not only in terms of their intended use, for example as a scarf, headband - or now also as a textile, sustainable face mask. But also in terms of the season and temperature. Scarves can be used both in summer in warm temperatures and in winter in cold temperatures.

A real promotional item all-rounder.
And especially now in the time of the pandemic, these circular scarves can be worn as an alternative reusable protective mask.
You can put on a multi-scarf in one or two layers and wear it as a scarf mask.

Printed tube scarves can be washed at up to 60°. This means they are reusable and represent a sustainable, ecological alternative to disposable protective masks.

A note regarding the brand manufacturer of loop scarves HAD:
HAD is a brand name, the provider behind it has established itself as a well-known brand manufacturer of tube scarves made of microfiber. We expressly do not sell or produce original HADs Article, but rather similar tube towels made of similar material and with similar product properties from our own production.

Another important note:
Tube scarves are not medical items and do not have the same filter properties as, for example, sterile surgical masks or FFP2 masks. They are more likely to be seen as a practical and comfortable alternative form of protection, like a scarf or bandana, and their protective function is comparable to that of makeshift masks, everyday masks or community masks made of cotton.

Delivery times | Loopscarves printed in your own design as reusable mouth and nose protection

Standard: approx. 6 weeks
Economy (from 5,000 pieces): approx. 12 weeks

Product data and facts | Tube scarves printed with advertising as ecological respiratory protection

Size / Dimensions• approx. 25 x 49 cm
• Or in special size, manufactured completely according to customer specifications
Material• 100% Microfiber
• Various grammages possible
ColorPantone according to customer specifications, also multi-coloured or photorealistic
Logo technology / finishing• Full-surface sublimation printing / gravure printing in the material
• Photorealistic advertising motifs and color transitions can also be printed
• Reflective graphic elements, text, logos or motifs also possible
Options / Extras• With heavier grammage
• With fleece layer, inside made of anti-pilling micro fleece in desired color
• With reflective logo, slogan or advertising motif
Maximum motif printing areaFull-surface, borderless, approx. 25 x 49 cm
CertificatesOEKO-TEX® Standard 100, BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)
Minimum Order Quantity500 pieces

Material, function & areas of application | Loop scarf with logo print as a sustainable face mask

Giveaway multifunctional scarves are made from a 100% microfiber. Microfiber material is very light and has a high level of elasticity and flexibility. This makes loop scarves very comfortable to wear, also due to their seamless design.

As standard, we produce promotional tube scarves in a single layer. In this form, they make the most of their positive properties, such as high breathability. By simply folding them over, the tube scarves can also be worn in two layers. For colder temperatures or for use in winter sports, we recommend producing them in two layers, either both made of microfiber or with a fleece inside.

Individually manufactured tube scarves as face masks score with many positive product features:

  • Very breathable
  • Fast drying
  • Sweat-absorbing and highly absorbent
  • Moisture-transporting (prevents cooling down during sporting activities)
  • Sun protection / UV protection
  • Protects against heat, sunlight and sweat in summer and against wind and cold in winter

A note regarding the brand manufacturer of original HAD multi-towels:
HAD is a brand name, the producer behind it has established itself as a brand manufacturer of tube scarves made of microfiber. We expressly do not sell or produce original HADs Article, but comparable tube towels made of similar material and with similar material properties from our own production.

The multi-scarf just for your head: our functional headbands

Made from the same material as our Promotional items tube towels our version is only for the head: Our Functional headbands in your own design. You can find more information and images about this popular advertising medium here.

Alternative if your focus is more on face masks / mouth and nose protection / anti-corona: Our fabric masks / makeshift fabric masks

Our Promotional multifunctional towels can be worn as a face mask. In addition, these printed loop scarves but can also be used for countless other purposes and sporting activities. If your focus when looking for a currently suitable anti-corona corporate gift is on the pure face mask / mouth and nose protection function, then you can also use our Giveaway fabric masks printed with company logo All details and many sample pictures of our Promotional gift everyday masks in customer design do you think ...? Find here.

Finishing and advertising printing | Advertising tube scarf with company logo as sustainable face mask

We print promotional loop towels with your logo, company name or full-surface motif of your choice. We use sublimation printing. This enables us to print all types of print templates. Whether it's multiple printing of your company logo, lettering and text or delicate advertising motifs. It's even possible to print motifs and graphic elements with color gradients; we can even print photorealistic advertising motifs on promotional tube towels without any problem.

This gives you total freedom when designing your individual multi-scarf as a textile mouth and nose protector. Create your own personal, unique multifunctional scarf in your very own design with maximum recognition value!

Reflex | Multi-scarves as face masks printed with reflective motif, logo or text

Promotional multifunctional scarves as merchandise or promotional gifts can also be printed with reflective motifs, logos or lettering. This gives them another function, in addition to the many that this popular promotional item already offers. Increase the wearer's safety by adding reflective strips, images or text to your individually produced multi-scarf giveaway, which can be used excellently as a reusable fabric mouth and nose protection mask.

Coloring and Pantone color of your choice | Scarf with logo as face protection made of fabric

We usually print your promotional loop scarf completely, borderless, with your personal all-over print using the sublimation printing process. This automatically creates the overall look of your loop scarf and its general color scheme. All of this is done according to the Pantone specifications for all of the colors of your print motif.

This means that we don't just dye your sports scarves in a basic color according to Pantone, but rather we dye the entire functional scarf in all the colors you specify, including color gradients if included in your design. This allows you to determine and make the color look of your sublimation scarves appear even more precisely.

Sizes | Loop scarves printed with logo, as face mask item

The standard size for loop scarves in your own design is 25 x 49 cm. This dimension has been established as the ideal size in terms of comfort, utility and production costs. This size is suitable for adults and teenagers.

For children, we produce logo tube scarves in a slightly smaller version, so that they can be worn firmly and comfortably by children.

Of course, we are also happy to make your tube scarves as washable face masks as a custom order in the size you want. Simply let us know your personal requirements and we will implement them for you according to your individual wishes!

Packaging & ProdSG | Loop cloths with company logo, as textile face mask

When it comes to packaging your loops, you have the following options to choose from:

1) Standard packaging, in printed polybag:
This is the variant in which we sell most of our customers' orders. Your tube scarf is folded and then packed in a printed polybag. The print on the polybag shows the different ways of wearing this advertising material and provides space for all information in accordance with the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

2) Environmentally friendly, without individual packaging:
Of course, as a manufacturer of multifunctional cloths in our own design, we also offer an environmentally friendly and resource-saving packaging option. The loop cloths are not individually made up, but packed directly in the export box. This way, no unnecessary waste is generated, but the items still reach their customers safely and without damage.

3) With inserted flyer / insert:
The addition of a flyer, a cardboard insert printed on both sides, is very popular with our customers. This offers you as an advertiser even more advertising space. You can use this for large-scale printing of your company logo, another advertising motif or to display additional information about promotional campaigns, competitions or other advertising campaigns.

4) On cardboard carrier in individual shape and size:
This is the most exclusive packaging option for your tube scarves. The multifunctional scarf is stretched on a sturdy cardboard carrier. The shape and size, and of course the printing on both sides of the cardboard carrier, are up to you! This gives you a promotional gift with maximum recognition value. Also ideal as a sales item in your merchandise shop.

5) Individual packaging
As a producer of tube scarves printed with advertising, we can of course also implement any other packaging idea for you. Tell us your idea and we will implement it as a special production for you!

Function & areas of application | Multifunctional sports scarf with logo, as MNS made of fabric

Neck tubes are THE all-rounders in the promotional products market! No other promotional gift has as many different uses as these individually printed multifunctional scarves! Can be used in cold and warm weather conditions. To absorb or keep sweat away. Moisture-regulating. Protects against wind and strong sunlight (UV protection).

The large number of areas of application makes this giveaway so popular with its recipients. It can and will be used in countless activities. And this over a long period of time, with your advertising message or company name always clearly visible to the public - and at eye level!

Here is just a small selection of sports in which promotional tube scarves are often used:

  • Biking / Cycling / Motorcycling
  • Running / Jogging
  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Nordic Walking
  • inline skating
  • Touring
  • Rockclimbing
  • Climb
  • To ski
  • Snowboarding
  • Cross-country skiing
  • biathlon
  • As an intermediate layer / padding under helmets (motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, ski helmet, snowboard helmet)

And not to forget in this day and age, microfiber scarves are a great reusable alternative to other mouth and nose masks. Tube scarves can also protect you and those around you, to a similar extent as wearing scarves or community masks made of fabric.

However, there are major differences and advantages in favor of multifunctional cloths as textile protective masks:
– They can continue to be used after the pandemic
– They are more comfortable to wear and feel more natural
– At the same time, they sit more firmly, especially during sporting activities
– They are washable and therefore reusable
– This makes them generally more sustainable

Our textile alternative if the function of the face mask is your priority: Our everyday masks / community masks made of fabric

As described, you can use our Merch tube scarves comfortable and effective as a face mask and mouth-nose protection. If you are looking for “real” face masks, you will here found: Our Promotional Community Masks printed in individual design and Promotional cotton makeshift masks made to measure, offer adequate protection in Corona times and are particularly suitable for everyday life or at work.

As a further alternative, from the area of hygiene and anti-corona promotional items: hand disinfectants

In addition to these very popular tube scarves that can be worn as a face mask, we also offer other anti-corona advertising materials that help you protect your employees and your customers. For example, our Anti-Covid hand disinfectant printed with company logo as giveaway, promotional item or merch. Made in Germany, dermatologically tested and limitedly virucidal, i.e. effective against corona viruses. You can find more information about this hygiene promotional item and all available variants here.

Product quality + product safety as well as social + ecological standards are very important to us.
ᐅ Proof of this: Our certificates!

Product safety-OEKO-TEX-Standard-100-certified-Logo-105026-800
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
Product safety-REACH-certified-Logo-800c

Information on the individual certificates, guidelines and organizations can be found here:

Product safety-OEKO-TEX-Standard-100-certified-Logo-400

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (certificate number: SHGO 105026 TESTEX)

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is a globally uniform and independent testing and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and finished products at all processing stages.

The focus is on increased and effective product safety. OEKO-TEX tests, certifies and guarantees that articles are harmless in terms of freedom from harmful substances and prohibited chemicals.

The focus is on:

+ Important legal regulations such as prohibited azo dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel, etc.

+ Numerous chemicals that are hazardous to health, even if they are not yet regulated by law

+ Test criteria and limit values go well beyond national and international requirements

+ Extensive product controls and regular company audits also ensure that the industry is sustainably aware of the need for responsible handling of chemicals worldwide

Direct link with further information:

BSCI-Business Social Compliance Initiative - Logo round

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

BSCI is an initiative to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

The rules, the “amfori BSCI Code of Conduct”, are based, among other things, on conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Human Rights Declaration.

Participants commit to implementing and adhering to the following 11 principles, which are aimed at ensuring the highest level of occupational safety:

+ Right to freedom of association & collective bargaining
+ Appropriate remuneration
+ Occupational safety / Healthy & safe working environment
+ Special protection for young workers
+ No forced labor
+ Ethical business practices (no corruption, extortion,
Embezzlement, bribery)
+ Equal opportunities / No discrimination
+ Reasonable working hours
+ No child labour
+ Documented employment relationships
+ Environmental protection / measures to prevent environmental damage

Direct link with further information: and

Product safety-REACH-certified-Logo-800c


REACH is the new European chemicals law. It was published in 2006 as Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Union and replaces numerous legal regulations that existed up to that point. The regulation regulates the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances.

The aim is to ensure a high level of protection for people and the environment in connection with chemicals.

REACH is based on the principle that manufacturers, importers and downstream users take responsibility for their chemicals. They must ensure that the chemicals they manufacture and place on the market are used safely.

The abbreviation “REACH” is derived from the English title of the regulation: Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

The REACH regulation is considered one of the strictest chemicals laws in the world.

Direct link with further information:


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