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Hand disinfectant with company logo

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer Supplier
Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer Supplier
Hand disinfectant spray giveaway 20ml
Promotional gift-hand-disinfectant-gel-carabiner-hook-30ml
Promotional item hand disinfectant gel snap hook 30ml
Promotional Hand Sanitizer Carabiner 30ml
Customer gift-hand disinfectant gel-silicone-case-strap-50ml
Promotional Hand Sanitizer Bumper Silicone Band 50ml
Promotional Hand Sanitizer Bumper Bottle 50ml
Hand Sanitizer Gel Promotional Gift 10ml
Promotional hand disinfectant gel 10ml
Promotional gift-hand-disinfectant-gel-oval-50-100ml
Hand disinfectant gel merchandising oval 50-100ml
Corporate gift-hand-disinfectant-gel-round-50-100ml
Hand disinfectant--manufacturer-supplier-supplier-around-50-100ml
Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer SupplierHand-disinfectant-gel-with-advertising-print-10mlHand-disinfectant-with-advertising-motif-printed-round-50-100mlHand-Disinfectant-Gel-Merchandise-Merch-Oval-50-100mlHand disinfectant spray giveaway 20mlGiveaway-Hand-Disinfectant-Spray-20mlPromotional gift-hand-disinfectant-gel-carabiner-hook-30mlPromotional item hand disinfectant gel snap hook 30mlPromotional Hand Sanitizer Carabiner 30mlCustomer gift-hand disinfectant gel-silicone-case-strap-50mlPromotional Hand Sanitizer Bumper Silicone Band 50mlPromotional Hand Sanitizer Bumper Bottle 50mlHand Sanitizer Gel Promotional Gift 10mlPromotional hand disinfectant gel 10mlHand-disinfectant-printed-50-100mlHand-Disinfectant-Gel-Manufacturer-Supplier-Provider-Oval-50-100mlHand-disinfectant-gel-with-own-logo-Oval-50-100mlPromotional gift-hand-disinfectant-gel-oval-50-100mlHand disinfectant gel merchandising oval 50-100mlHand-disinfectant-with-logo-print-round-50-100mlCorporate gift-hand-disinfectant-gel-round-50-100mlHand-disinfectant-gel-with-advertising-print-round-50-100mlHand disinfectant--manufacturer-supplier-supplier-around-50-100mlHand-disinfectant-gel-B2B-for-corporate-customers-around-50-100mlHand-disinfectant-printed-with-your-own-logo-500mlHand-sanitizer-manufacturing-production-500ml

Hand disinfectant in a compact size as a practical companion in everyday life. Effective against corona viruses (limited virucidal). Made in Germany. Dermatologically tested. Label can be individually designed, printed with advertising motif, company name or company logo. Different sizes, shapes, colors and lids available. Useful anti-corona advertising material, giveaway or promotional gift. Immediately available and delivered quickly!

Minimum quantity500 pieces
delivery time1-2 weeks
CertificatesMade in Germany / Dermatologically tested / Dermatest "very good" / Limited virucidal / Effective against corona viruses

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Product description | Hand disinfectant with your own logo

Hand disinfectant gel with a customizable label, printed with your company name, company logo or another advertising message. Made in Germany! Manufactured to the highest quality standards in accordance with the strict GMP, WHO and EU guidelines. Certified and safe - and dermatologically tested and rated "very good" (Dermatest).

Unlike "ordinary hand cleaning gels", this hand disinfectant is effective against corona viruses. The formula used is virucidal to a limited extent, making it a helpful anti-Covid promotional item, corporate gift or giveaway item.

You can choose between different sizes, shapes and colors of the bottles and their lids/attachments. You can also choose the type of disinfectant yourself: choose between liquid or gel and between clear or cloudy. This way you can have a hand disinfectant gel produced that is perfectly tailored to your needs as a promotional item, merchandising item or customer gift.

Benefit from maximum product safety and quality as well as very short delivery times thanks to production in Germany. The hand disinfectant as a promotional bonus, merchandise or promotional gift dries quickly, is absorbed without leaving residue and is deliberately fragrance-neutral. The formula used does not contain any cumulative long-term active ingredients, which means that the hand disinfectant gel is extremely skin-friendly. In addition, glycol / glycerin ensures a gentle and moisturizing effect for the hands without reducing the efficiency of the hand disinfectant. Free from colorants, fragrances and preservatives for absolute compatibility.

Hand disinfectant gels individually printed with your company logo are ideal everyday companions. With their compact size, they are very practical and can be easily carried with you, whether in your jacket or trouser pocket or in your handbag.

You can get the labels on the bottles from us in your individual customer design. We print your own logo, advertising slogan or desired text in 4C on the label of your hand disinfectant. This gives you a contemporary and at the same time very useful customer gift, employee gift or promotional item that the recipients of your promotional campaign will certainly be very happy about!

Delivery time | Hand disinfectant gel with customer logo

Without individual label: Approx. 3 working days
With individual label: Approx. 1-2 weeks

Product data of hand disinfectants as promotional items in brief:

Size / Dimensions• Various sizes to choose from
• From 10 ml mini bottles to 5 litre storage canisters
Variants / Construction• Different shapes (round or oval)
• Various sizes • Various lids / closures
Advertising printing / finishing• Individual 4C printing on front and back label
• All types of motif, lettering or logo can be implemented
Maximum logo sizeLabel can be fully customized, printable advertising area varies depending on the selected bottle size
Minimum Order Quantity500 pieces

Microbiological efficacy as bactericide, levurocide, fungicide, tuberculocide, mycobactericide and virucide against enveloped viruses (coronavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus, rotavirus, norovirus, HBV/HIV, HCV, BVDV, vaccinia viruses)

BUse iocide products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use!

Printing technology & finishing | Print hand disinfectants with your own logo

Hand disinfectant gels are not only a very practical and useful give-away, promotional gift or merchandise. They can also be customized and provided with a brand or advertising message. The labels on the front and back are printed in up to four colors with your very own desired motif, lettering or advertising logo. Design the look of the label according to your own ideas, there are no limits. Printing very detailed motifs and texts is also no problem.

Variants & Extras | Hand disinfectant gel printed with your own logo

We offer hand disinfectants as promotional items, corporate gifts and advertising media in many different shapes and sizes, and with many different closures and extras. From small to large. Round or oval. Liquid or gel form. Clear or cloudy. For dripping or spraying. Depending on your own needs and planned use, you can choose the hand disinfectant variant that perfectly suits your needs.
You can choose from the following variants:

> Shapes:
*** Currently sold out! *** Round bottle mini / 10 ml
*** Currently sold out! *** 
Spray stick / 20 ml
*** Currently sold out! *** Carabiner bottle / 30 ml
*** Currently sold out! *** Oval bottle with practical bumper / 50 ml
Oval bottle medium & large / 50 & 100 ml
*** Currently sold out! *** Round bottle medium & large / 50 & 100 ml
Euronorm bottle / 500 ml
Canister / 5 l

> Lids / attachments:
Hinged lid
Spray attachment / pump attachment

> Liquid:
In gel form

Further details, properties and sample images of the individual promotional hand disinfectant variants can be found in the following section!

Alternative anti-corona promotional items | Everyday cotton masks + tube scarves as face masks + contactless door openers

Hand disinfectant with this level of effectiveness (effective against Covid viruses, limited virucidal) is a very effective and very useful anti-corona promotional product. However, it is advisable to supplement this hygiene promotional item with other equally effective hygiene giveaways in order to increase protection for yourself, your employees and your customers as much as possible. As an experienced manufacturer of many different types of promotional gifts, we also carry other anti-Covid corporate gifts due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, such as: Fully individually printed everyday masks made of cottonMultifunctional cloths printed in customer design that can be worn as face masks can be as well as our novelties Hygiene hook keychain, which allow you to operate door handles, switches and touchscreens contactlessly and therefore safely.

We offer hand disinfectants branded with your individual company logo or company name in these different versions:

10 ml round bottle
20 ml pump spray
30 ml carabiner bottle
Promotional hand sanitizer bumper bottle 50ml
50 ml oval bottle with bumper
50/100 ml round bottle
50/100 ml oval bottle
Hand disinfectant printed with company name 500ml
500 ml Euronorm bottle

* Currently sold out! * 1) Round bottle / 10 ml


Our hand disinfectants as corporate gifts are practical everyday companions. Thanks to their compact dimensions, here with a capacity of 10 ml, these bottles fit perfectly in any trouser, jacket or handbag. This means you always have hand disinfectant to hand and can protect yourself from all types of bacteria and viruses in everyday life - including corona viruses. Thanks to the individually printed 4c label, each bottle offers enough advertising space for your brand message, company logo or advertising slogan. The twist-off safety cap rounds off our smallest promotional hand disinfectant variant. This liquid version also comes with a pipette for easy dosing.

Hand Sanitizer 10ml Options

* Closure with practical dosing pipette

* Currently sold out! * 2) Spraystick / 20 ml


This hand disinfectant stick with spray head is also extremely compact and practical. The slim 20 ml bottle is very handy and is therefore perfect to have with you at all times. The spray head installed here makes it extremely easy to use and allows precise dosing. This hand disinfectant spray is effective against corona viruses (limited virucidal), making it significantly more effective than normal hand cleaning gels, which can only fight bacteria. The individually printable 4c label turns this hand disinfectant spray into a useful promotional item, printed with your very own advertising message, advertising motif or advertising lettering.

Hand disinfectant spray manufacturing production options 20ml

* Currently sold out! * 3) Carabiner bottle / 30 ml

Hand disinfectant with advertising logo carabiner hook 30ml

This hand disinfectant variant with a practical carabiner hook on the 30 ml bottle is available both as a gel and as a liquid. With its handy size, it fits perfectly in any handbag or trouser pocket. The attached carabiner also allows it to be attached to any loop, e.g. trouser loops or your key chain. Our hand disinfectant gel is different from normal hand cleaners, which are only effective against bacteria, but also effective against Covid viruses (limited virucidal). The product label can be customized. We are happy to print your advertising text, your company name or desired motif on this hand disinfectant gel variant as a promotional gift or company present.

Hand Sanitizer Gel Carabiner Bottle 30ml Options

* Currently sold out! * 4) Oval bottle with bumper & fastening strap / 50 ml


Another super practical version of our hand disinfectants printed with the company name is the version with a length-adjustable silicone strap. This strap is elastic and can be attached to a variety of places. Whether on yourself, on your trousers, on your backpack, on your bag or in the office on the coat rack, on the railing or on door handles. Place this hand disinfectant (limited virucidal) that is effective against corona viruses exactly where it is needed and make your environment safer for yourself and others. The contents are available as a liquid or as a gel and can be easily refilled. If you wish, you can get this promotional hand disinfectant branded in your own design, with an individually printed 4c label.

Hand Sanitizer Gel Bumper Bottle 50ml Options

* Currently sold out! * 5) Round bottle / 50 or 100 ml

Hand disinfectant--printed with company logo--round-50-100ml

Our anti-corona hand disinfectant (limited virucidal) in the round bottle is available in both gel and liquid form. With a little more content (50 or 100 ml) than its smaller relatives, it is enough for more applications. However, the size of these round bottles is still compact and easy to have with you at all times. Due to the slightly larger dimensions of the bottle, the advertising space on the individually printed labels is also slightly larger, giving you even more space for your personalized advertising, company logo or promotional campaign.


6) Oval bottle / 50 or 100 ml


Just like the round bottle version above, this anti-Covid hand disinfectant in the oval bottle is available as both a gel and a liquid. With the slightly larger dimensions and slightly more content (50 or 100 ml), more applications are possible, but the size of this oval bottle is still compact enough to always carry with you. The label can be refined and printed with your individual company advertising or marketing campaign on the front and back.


7) Euronorm bottle / 500 ml

Hand disinfectant printed with company name 500ml

This promotional hand disinfectant model with a large capacity of 500 ml is filled in the Euronorm bottle according to DIN. This standardized format ensures problem-free use in all types of standard dispenser systems. Equip your offices, agencies, practices, factories, warehouses and workshops with it and increase the safety of your employees against Corona / Covid viruses (effectiveness = limited virucidal).

Hand Sanitizer Euronorm Bottle 500ml Options


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